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Customer Testimonials

"I spent a lot of time with these amazing therapists this winter. They made my recovery fun and productive! Highly recommended!"

- Blake

"This was my first experience with a physical therapy practice and overall I'm very happy with RJN Physical Therapy. I've received one on one service throughout, got detailed explanation of the issues I was having with my injury, followed by helpful feedback on my recovery."

- Mike

"Once I joined RJN it all changed and we got to work on my knee and recovery. They had me in a position that I could work and get chores done around the house working in less then 2 weeks. They are as good and friendly as it gets. Family values, work ethic and they know physical therapy like nothing I’ve ever seen. They are athletes and professionals. I’m telling you, don’t even think twice, get into their care ASAP."


"I have been going to RJN Physical Therapy for the last few months following surgery for a shoulder injury. I have worked with Joe, Rick and Kathy and all three of them are great. They take the time to explain and demonstrate each exercise and make it a positive experience every time. It hasn't always been easy but they have given me the encouragement to work to regain my range of motion and strength. In addition to the wonderful physical therapists, the space is great and the staff are very professional and friendly. I've done PT at other places and this is by far the best experience with PT ever. Highly recommend!"


"I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience at RJN physical therapy recovering from a knee injury. Everyone on the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend them for any PT needs as they know the best way to get you back to 100% in a timely and encouraging manner."


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